Choose the Right Entrance Matting Solution

Choosing the right entrance matting product for your site can be a confusing job! Syncros can help to guide you through the entrance matting maze, but to get you started here's a brief explanation of product types and their benefits.

Matting Zones: Different areas of entrance matting provide different cleaning functions - heavy particulate dirt, moisture and finer particles of dirt all require different types of entrance surfacing to remove them.

Zone 1: Primary Matting

The first line of defence to a building entrance, this protects against and removes heavy particulate soiling. Generally located outside the entrance or immediately inside.

Zone 2: Secondary Matting

Located immediately beyond the primary matting and designed to remove footbourne moisture and finer soiling particles.

Zone 3: Circulation Zones

Located immediately beyond the secondary entrance matting and can be used to extend the entrance flooring system as required, to ensure that all moisture and fine dirt particles are removed before progress into the rest of the building.

Syncros offer nearly 100 different products in numerous colourways and from one of the largest catalogues of manufacturers.