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  • New Milliken Obex Forma HD

    16 May 2017 by John

    Econyl turtle 

    After 5 years of development, Milliken have at last launched the next generation of the extremely popular & successful Obex Forma Entrance Matting System - 'Forma HD'. Not only is the new Forma exceptionally durable and effective as an entrance matting system but the textile area has been increased substantially to add even more moisture absorbance under foot.

    The new textile is constructed from ECONYL® yarn 100% Regenerated Nylon manufactured from pre & post-consumer waste such as ghost fishing nets from our Oceans thus making one of the most sustainable entrance mat options on the market today.

     The ECONYL® yarn is created from waste collected through different initiatives and projects:

    • The ECONYL® Reclaiming Program – reclaim managers are expanding the waste collection network, across the globe with operations in the USA, Egypt, Greece, Pakistan, Thailand, Norway and Turkey.
    • The Healthy Seas, a journey from waste to wear initiative – Volunteer divers are recovering abandoned or lost ghost nets from the bottom of the seas in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Croatia.
    • Works™– Founded by Interface with Zoological Society London, it is a social initiative to empower coastal communities in the Philippines and Cameroon to collect and sell discarded fishing nets.

    The ECONYL® Reclaiming Program is saving hundreds of thousands of marine life from entanglement and eventually death from these ghost nets which take over 600 years to degrade in our Oceans at which time they break down into micro fibres and enter our food chain with unknown future health implications.


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  • Cleaner feet at bow street mall thanks to Syncros’ aluminium matting

    10 July 2015 by John

    Offering over 40 of the UK’s best known stores and a popular Food Court under one roof, Bow Street Mall in Lisburn, Northern Ireland attracts over 4 million visitors through its doors every year. Great for shoppers and retailers, not so great for the shopping centre’s floors!

    In order to ensure that floors continued to stay clean and safe, the 12-years-old entrance matting recently needed replacing. With so many products on the market, Shopping Centre Manager, Karen Marshall sought advice from Entrance Matting Specialists, Syncros.

    “Our management agents, McKibbin Commercial, had already looked at some suppliers and liked Syncros’ range and pricing,” says Karen.

    Gary Clarke, Business Development Consultant at Syncros was delighted to lead Bow Street Mall through the decision process. “Our extensive range means that we can accommodate most tastes and requirements.  It was just a case of surveying the required 42m2 at Bow Street Mall’s two entrances and considering Karen’s prerequisites. As well as being cost effective, the matting needed to be durable, absorbent and able to cope with a high volume of traffic.”  

    Nuway Grid Aluminium Entrance Matting fitted the bill perfectly, and co-ordinated with the shopping centre’s existing interior design. The 100% recycled extruded aluminium scraper bars alternate with Coral Classic textile inserts (available in a range of colours) to provide excellent dirt and moisture removal.  

    On installation, the Syncros team found that the floors needed to be relevelled. Not a problem. The highly qualified fitters were able to apply screed before fitting the new matting.

    “The mats look wonderful and feel amazing under the feet!” says a very happy Karen. “I have to say that Syncros has been great to deal with, and the two engineers who installed the mats were fantastic. They were extremely friendly, helpful and both worked so hard. They didn’t even stop for breath or a cup of tea!”

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  • Vote for Syncros!

    27 January 2014 by John

    Syncros are delighted to have been named as a finalist in the Tomorrow's Flooring awards.

    The leading online flooring magazine holds the awards annually and recognises the top 50 most innovative, sustainable and easy to use products. Syncros' flooring products have made it through the first round of judging based on quality, availability and exceptional value for money.

    Please support us by taking just a couple of minutes to vote. Just follow the link and scroll to page 5 to cast your vote. More information on Syncros and our services can be found on page 13.

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  • Congratulations!

    04 December 2013 by John

    Congratulations to Phil Gamble, who has completed his FESSI Master Course, bringing the number of Master Qualified FESSI fitters in the Syncros team to three.

    Also, congratulations to Arran Martin-Harris and Steve Cox who qualified as FESSI Technician qualified fitters, extending our in-house FESSI team to 12 fitters now. The FESSI course is an intensive four-day assessment looking at the skills of an individual in the installation of Forbo matting systmes, and is regarded by the trade as a high benchmark in terms of aluminium entrance matting fitting.

    The FESSI network extended the normal 10 year guarantee on Forbo entrance matting systems to 15 years when installed by one of these qualified installers.



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  • Syncros join forces with Milliken at...

    11 July 2013 by John

    Shopping Centre Conference 2013

    Syncros recently joined forces with premier matting manufacturer Milliken at this years' Shopping Centre Management Conference at the Mercure Manchester Picadillly Hotel.

    Attendees received a one day conference, a special dinner, and an overnight stay, in an all-inclusive delegate package. Combining the forces of the industry’s leading magazine, Shopping Centre, and the industry’s leading trade body, BCSC, created an unprecedented industry event.

    As market leaders in supplying entrance matting for shopping centres, this conference was an excellent opportunity to showcase Syncros' new and exciting products supplied by Milliken.

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  • Create your own entrance matting!

    07 March 2013 by John

    We are proud to introduce a new manufacturer to our ever expanding portfolio. EMS Entrance Matting Solution as a brand are well-known for their Colortread and Evergreen Debris Channel ranges. With one of the most distinctive range of colour and design posibilities EMS has the flexibility to create your own unique matting.


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  • Installations On Show - A Step by Step Guide

    07 February 2013 by John

    To make you more aware of the processes required to install entrance matting, Milliken have cleverley produced two videos. The first focus' on Milliken Atrium secondary entrance matting demonstrating each process visually in a clever step by step guide...

    And the second on the popular Milliken Forma...

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  • Make sure your suppliers fit the bill!

    09 January 2013 by John

    Syncros works closely with customers to accommodate budgets without compromising on mat quality or service.

    Budgets are tighter than ever. Every penny must be well spent and justified. However, that doesn't mean that Shopping Centre Managers can't demand the highest quality at the right price. Suppliers that value your business will fit their products and service around you and your finances.

    This was something that the management team at Lewisham Shopping Centre discovered during the recent refurbishment of its fixed entrance barrier matting.  Working closely with Syncros, the shopping centre was able to keep within flooring budgets without compromising on quality, functionality or service. 

    Syncros doesn’t just fit mats.  As one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of entrance matting, it also fits all of the required criteria, creating cost effective solutions within budgets and putting smiles on the faces of staff and visitors alike.  Key to this customer satisfaction is the use of premium products, such as the Milliken range of matting.

    “We had previously used Milliken Forma matting and knew that it performed well in entrance areas”, says Lewisham Shopping Centre’s Operations Manager, Tony Rose.  “With 175,000 visitors entering the complex weekly and doors open for up to 11 hours every day,  we need to be able to keep floors clean at all times and free from any slip hazards such as dirt and moisture.  However, trying to fit our Health and Safety obligations into tight budgets was proving a challenge and with costs looking prohibitive we sought out a supplier who could advise on workable alternatives.” 

    Tony and the rest of the team at Lewisham Shopping Centre needn’t have worried about compromising Health and Safety for the sake of funding.  Syncros was able to present several affordable options to meet the required flooring standards whilst being sympathetic to the complex’s design and function.

    UK shopping centre footfall in September 2012 fell 2.3% on last year’s figures (Experian Footfall Index 1/10/12), increasing the pressure for all retail outlets to create a pleasant environment that will attract customers.  Located in the heart of the Town Centre, Lewisham Shopping Centre is conveniently situated and successfully competes with outlets in the surrounding area.  Not only has the shopping centre got the job of enticing shoppers through the doors of its 70 or so stores, it also acts as a base for community projects, hosting many events through the year to help strengthen and build local pride.  With these many roles, the centre has to offer a venue where people feel comfortable to spend their money as well as bring their families to visit special attractions, such as Father Christmas’ Toy Factory and the recent Black History exhibitions.  Clean floors, without slip or trip hazards, play a part in ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit.  

    The scale of the job, which involved four entrances, nine car park mat wells and an exterior fitted mat, would have meant substantial costs and severe disruption to Lewisham Shopping Centre, had the refurbishments been undertaken simultaneously.  Taking into account budget constraints and peak trading times such as Easter and the Jubilee Celebrations, Syncros was able to work out an acceptable and affordable installation program occurring in three phases in March, June and July, thereby spreading the cost and avoiding interference with the day-to-day running of the complex.

    “Following advice from Syncros, we decided on the more cost effective, and equally serviceable, option of alternating the Milliken Forma with Prior matting tiles at the East Mall entrance,” says Tony.  “This enabled us to combine moisture capture with dirt scraping properties and proved more affordable than completely refitting the whole area with Milliken Forma.” With such a flexible system, this was entirely possible with no extra

    installation charges.  The resulting pattern in the matting was also a good aesthetic fit with the general décor of the shopping centre, providing a pleasant first impression as shoppers entered the complex. 

    Syncros applied the same Milliken Prior/Forma specification to nine car park mat wells.  Although all Milliken products are hardwearing, in the rare instance that a small area of the matting may be damaged, single Milliken tiles can be easily replaced at minimal cost.

    In the second phase of the refurbishment, existing mat wells needed to be extended to provide greater surface area for more effective foot borne dirt removal.

    “Although the barrier matting area needed increasing, we were concerned that excavation to extend the mat wells would have proven too costly,” explains Tony.  “In this instance, Syncros was able to provide us with surface mounted Milliken Forma matting at a fraction of the price of new wells.  The result is excellent with the new tiles matching those already in-situ, installed at an angle to suit the building layout.”   For this more economical solution, graduated ramps were placed at the edge of the matting to ensure safety underfoot, without risk of tripping. 

    Lastly, Lewisham Shopping Centre asked Syncros to take a look at an external matt well which had been fitted with ribbed rubber.  “Not only was the ribbed rubber in the exterior mat well looking tired”, says Tony, “but it was quite ineffectual.  It was neither removing dirt nor retaining moisture from shoppers’ feet.  Syncros pointed us in the direction of Tergo, the all-weather matting solution from Milliken which, until now, has served its purpose in minimising foot borne grime entering the shopping centre.  The design also nicely complements the interior matting and really makes a difference to the appearance of the building’s approach.”

    As the winter sets in and Lewisham Shopping Centre readies itself for a barrage of Christmas shoppers and New Year sales goers, the new barrier matting will be put

    to the test as it copes with snow, slush and grit.  As shoppers join the queues at the tills, the team at Syncros is quietly confident that Lewisham Shopping Centre’s managers will be joining the list of satisfied customers in over 100 other shopping centres throughout the UK.  And all without he hefty bill they had been expecting!

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  • We do more than you think!

    09 August 2012 by John

    Many of you know Syncros as being experts in the supply and installation of entrance barrier matting systems, but what you may not know is that we have a sister company that runs alongside Syncros providing a complete floorcare service.

    Syncros install entrance matting and PHS Interclean have the floorcare service to keep them looking as good as new. It doesn't just end at the entrance for Interclean either; with 10 years experience, they are the specialists in floor care for all types of environments including hotels, stations and airports, offices, schools, retail sites and more.

    For more information on PHS Interclean products and services...

    Tel: 029 20809090


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  • If the Price is Right!

    10 July 2012 by John

    Syncros are one of a few Primary Milliken Carpet Tile Partners which enables contractors to purchase the extensive range of world renowned Milliken Carpet tiles though Syncros at the same pricing as direct with the manufacturer!

    One of new exciting ranges now available from Milliken is the new Formworks Collection which is a tufted loop pile from the Essential Designs collections featuring a cushion back at exceptional value...


    CLICK HERE for more information!

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  • Did You Know...?

    07 June 2012 by John

    Nuway Tuftiguard fitted by Syncros enhances the guarantee from 10 years to 15 years!

    Nuway Tuftiguard fitted by Syncros attracts reduced installation rates!

    Nuway Tuftiguard fitted by Syncros attracts preferential products rates!


    3 excellent reasons to use Syncros!

    Until next time...!


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  • We've Opened a New Training Facility!

    14 May 2012 by John

    Based on the Forbo FESSI training facility in Telford, I am delighted to announce that Syncros has now created a new training facility in Kempston dedicated to teaching our in-house accredited fitting team on all aspects of matting installations across the industry on a regular basis!

    Keeping the team up-to-date with regular training is important to us here, as it not only ensures our customers always receive the very best advice and service, but our first class training facility adds to the personal development of the team, allowing them to continue to perform at their very best!

    Until next time!

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  • Welcome to the Syncros Team!

    30 April 2012 by John

    SyncrosElaine Impey has now joined the expanding team at Syncros as a Co-ordinator for new specifications, shopping centres and contractors. Elaine used to work for Floor Protection Services aka FPS back in 2007 and has now rejoined the team in Syncros to help manage the growth from these sectors.

    Welcome back Elaine!

    Until next time...

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  • Join the Information Revolution!

    16 April 2012 by John

    Continuing in our efforts to make your lives easier, Syncros is now including Quick Response (QR) codes on all future advertising, vans and brochures to aid navigation and help you find the specific products you’re interested in on our website.

    If you’re not yet familiar with QR codes, they’re similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products. The key difference between the two is the amount of data they can hold or share.

    When you scan or read a QR code with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled Smartphone, you can link to digital content on our website, activate a number of phone functions including email and connect the mobile device to a web browser.

    We can help you find the information you need right at your fingertips!


    Until next time...


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  • Specification Clauses added to website!

    29 March 2012 by John

    We've added a new feature to our website! To make life easier for specifiers and architects, we've now added our specification clauses to a range of our products.  Simply head to the product you wish to research, for example Milliken Obex, click on the link, and download the specification. All of the relevant information is available and we hope this will make compiling tenders a speedy, accurate and efficient process!


    Until next time...

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  • Congratulations!

    14 March 2012 by John

    Congratulations from everyone at Syncros to Shane Shields, our Chief Fitter, and his wife on the birth of their new baby boy, Callum David. He was welcomed into the world on the 2nd March 2012 and we wish them all the very best with the sleepless nights to follow!


    Until next time...

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  • Spot our new Syncros vans!

    29 February 2012 by John

    Syncros vanAs you know by now, we’re always looking to update, innovate and improve where we can. We don’t stand still for long!

    And now the same can be said for our vans. All our vans now have stunning new livery, and very smart they look too! They have all been updated with the Syncros branding, so you certainly won’t miss us!

    We’ve got five vans on the road in total, with our drivers moving up and down the country, so if you spot one, give us a wave!

    Until next time...

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  • New Addition to the Obex™ Family!

    15 February 2012 by John

    Milliken Obex TergoThe Milliken Obex family of products has just expanded to include the all new Obex Tergo. Finally, a versatile solution to external / internal anti-slip entrance matting which can be combined in perfect harmony with Milliken’s Obex Prior or Obex Forma product ranges.

    The sheer number of design combinations using the three products creates almost limitless options and budget considerations. Originally designed as an external scraper for all weathers, the Obex Tergotile is just as comfortable internally creating the ultimate in soil removal linked with the Obex Forma for maximum moisture absorbance.

    Until next time...

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  • Focus on Syncros

    01 February 2012 by John

    Here at Syncros, we’re always looking into developing new products or bringing new product innovations to the market. To add to our already bulging portfolio, we’ve recently launched a NEW premium secondary carpet matting called ‘Syncros Focus’.

    Designed as a cost effective hard wearing product available in cut lengths, individual mats or by the roll for next day delivery, this product is intended for extreme traffic locations where aesthetics and practicality are essential.

    And now for the science bit! Available as cut length of a 2m wide roll, a full roll and as a custom individual mat size, this versatile dual-fibre matting incorporating 6.6. Polyamide and Polyethersulfone structure with monofilaments enables moisture removal of 5 – 6 litres per sqm! Available in four colour ways with the most popular Anthracite colour now in stock and red, brown and grey available to order, this is another superb product added to the ever growing Syncros range.

    Until next time...

    Click here for further information on Syncros Focus

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  • Meet the Masters!

    17 January 2012 by John

    I am delighted to announce that Syncros can now boast to having two Master Fitters on the team!

    This is an exceptional achievement for Syncros, given that we are now one of the only companies in the country to have not one, but two fully qualified FESSI Master Fitters!

    Congratulations to Mark Gamble for achieving FESSI Master Fitter status, and Neil Barber for achieving FESSI Technician Fitter status recently.

    So what does it take to become a FESSI Master Fitter? Well, it requires extensive experience and accuracy of fitting with the Nuway products, which can only come with time. It also requires a high level of product knowledge to enable problem solving as these Master Fitters may be required to rectify other unqualified installs. In addition, FESSI Master Fitters require a log book of successful installs which is judged by FESSI, who can audit any of the installations at any time.

    And what does all this mean for Syncros? The level of competence and the sheer number of qualified fitters with two FESSI Master Fitters means we can take on the most complex installations and move towards a gold standard in terms of fitting all matting products. Nuway is one of the hardest to fit out of all the aluminium products, leading customers and manufacturers alike to recognise our high level of competency.

    Well done team!

    Mark Gamble, FESSI Master Fitter and Neil Barber, FESSI Technician Fitter


    Until next time...

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