How A Commercial Entrance Mat Can Enhance Your Business

The Entrance Matting Experts
13th Dec 2022

Until now, you may have given little thought as to how a simple commercial entrance mat can help your business.  

An entrance mat can perform many functions – both practical and aesthetic. Not only does it prevent water and dirt being walked through your premises, but it can also reduce the risks of accidents, create positive first impressions and even advertise your business.  

Let’s explore just what they can do and how you can enhance your business by choosing the right commercial entrance mat.  

Role 1: the door mat 

The primary role of an entrance mat is to literally be your door mat; giving somewhere for people to wipe their feet before they enter your building. An entrance mat removes as much as 80% of dirt, mud and water from people’s feet which means this is kept out of your building, protecting your flooring and carpet.  

By having an entrance mat, you’re not only encouraging people to actively wipe their feet, but a quality entrance mat will also be purpose-designed with features and textures to physically remove dirt and capture moisture as a person walks across it.  

If you have high-traffic footfall through your business, look for a durable and heavy-duty mat that will keep performing day after day. 

Role 2: creating the right first impression 

An entrance mat is one of the first things someone sees when they enter your business and therefore contributes to how you are perceived by visitors, customers and staff. If your entranceway and flooring is wet and slippery or dirty and muddy, you’ll instantly create a negative first impression just as they’re stepping foot through the door.  

Conversely, a clean, well-kept entrance which is achieved by using an entrance mat creates a welcoming and presentable environment and starts their experience off on the right foot.  

To help your entrance mat play its part, it must be looked after otherwise it will have the opposite impact intended and even cause a hazard. Clean your mat regularly and repair or replace it should it become damaged or scuffed over time. To take the onus off businesses, Syncros offers one-off and ongoing aftercare and maintenance services to keep your matting looking great and doing its job well.  

Role 3: making your building safer 

Slips, trips and falls are common accidents in the workplace, but an entrance mat can help to reduce them, boosting health and safety. Mats are even referenced by the Health and Safety Executive as a measure to control workplace risks caused by tracking in rainwater and making floors slippery. In the simple act of absorbing moisture and removing dirt from feet, the mats keep your floors drier and therefore reduce the risk of accidents and workplace injuries. They also reduce noise, protect feet and have can even combat fatigue for workers who are on their feet all day.  

Make sure your entrance matting is large enough for your entranceway and is designed to fit your space to ensure it can cope with the amount of water it will inevitably have to absorb from wet feet and rainwater.  

Role 4: the first line of defence 

As well as reducing the risk of accidents and protecting your staff and visitors, entrance mats can protect your building as well. When rainwater, dirt, mud and germs are walked into your building, it can soil and even damage your floor. An entrance mat will keep your floor cleaner, protecting it from wear and tear and preserving the quality of your carpets. Without an entrance mat, you’ll end up having to put more resource into cleaning and maintenance.  

What’s more, entrance mats can remove dust and allergens including pollen, pesticides, pollutants and insect fragments. As much as 40% of the contaminants in a building are brought in from outdoors. And researchers report that 85% of outdoor contaminants are brought into a building in the first four steps you take inside. Therefore, by placing an entrance mat, you’re helping to capture these contaminants. By binding them into the textures of the mat, you’re preventing them from entering your building, keeping it cleaner and healthier.  

Role 5: marketing your business 

As your entrance mat is positioned right at the doorway, or even outside of your building, it can double up as an advertisement for your business. Welcome visitors, customers and staff with a branded mat featuring your company colours and logo. Being highly visible to passers-by, they provide a great opportunity to sell your business and attract people inside.  

Role 6: looking great 

Exchanging a wet, muddy entranceway for a well-kept, dirt-deterring entrance mat will instantly enhance the look of your business. However, an entrance mat can also transform your space. If you think an entrance mat has to be plain or boring, think again. You can now choose from a rainbow of different colours whether you want to stand out, complement your interiors or display your brand identity. It’s worth bearing in mind that dirt does stand out on lighter colours so you may want to choose a darker colour. And, if you’re looking to go the extra mile, pick a luxury mat which will not only look attractive but can also offer additional properties such as extra water retention or a softer, plusher material. 

Role 8: saving the planet 

If sustainability is high on your agenda, look for a rug made of recycled materials. The ECONYL range offered by Syncros is created from discarded fishing nets that are rescued from the ocean where they are at risk of harming marine life. So, by choosing wisely, you’re not just getting a practical entrance mat which looks good, you’re also doing your bit to help clean up ocean plastic pollution too.  

Syncros offers a wide range of entrance mats for organisations in all sectors, across the UK, to fit any size and any shape. Same-day collection or next day delivery is available on several of our standard mats or, if you’re looking for something bespoke, talk to us today about custom-designing your entrance mat. Depending on your requirements, we can simply supply your mat straight to you or provide a fitting service too. And to keep your entrance mat clean, looking presentable and doing its job, we even offer an aftercare and maintenance service.