Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre - Entrance matting to cope with heavy footfall

The Entrance Matting Experts
31st Aug 2021

The Challenge

Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall, Sheffield receives over 13 million visitors every year. When multiplied by 7 years, this equates to an awful lot of foot-borne dirt, as well as wear and tear.

Yet this is how long the Milliken Obex Forma entrance matting installation was in place for, and the footfall it survived,  before the centre needed to look at replacing it.

The Solution

Mark Jackson, Deputy Facilities Manager at Crystal Peaks, explained: “In 2003, we installed Milliken Obex Forma at the malls’ six entrances. In order to keep the installations looking their best and working efficiently, they were incorporated into our floor cleaning programme, with our on-site cleaning team vacuuming and spot-cleaning them daily and wet-washing them every week.

“For an entrance matting installation to last for 7 years in a busy retail environment such as ours is testament to its quality. It also says a great deal that when we came to look at replacing the matting, that we did so with a variant of the same product.”

Entrance matting installations are designed to be the dirtiest part of the floor, so it’s vital that they are cleaned thoroughly and regularly to remove the collected dirt. Proper and timely maintenance not only keeps the installation looking first-class, but also ensures that the maximum life cycle of the product is achieved.

The Results

Having the right entrance matting plays a critical role in the efficient running of a busy shopping centre. It can help to reduce cleaning expenditure, extend the life of expensive flooring, and help to reduce the risk of slip accidents by removing foot-borne moisture.

Entrance matting creates the first impression of your site, so having a clean and effective matting installation can pay dividends in creating an excellent first impression.

Work with Syncros

Syncros have been supplying and installing entrance matting solutions since 1995.  With advice, supply, and installation available across the whole of the UK.