Enhancing Workplace Safety with Entrance Matting

The Entrance Matting Experts
20th Jun 2023

It goes without saying that it's important for a business to ensure its staff, clients and visitors are safe when they visit the business premises – and that extends to when they’re entering and leaving a premises building. Some of the most common reasons for injury sustained in the workplace are slips and trips, so a key factor to consider when ensuring your premises is as safe as possible is reducing slippery floors. 

Whether it’s for a shop front, showroom or office building entrance, businesses can use special mats at the entrance that make floors less slippery and safer to walk on. Using adequate entrance matting means that business owners and property visitors don't have to worry about falling and hurting themselves and it’s very important in keeping premises floors clean and dry.  

Not only does good quality entrance matting help protect floors from wet and muddy footprints, it’s also a form of safety flooring. Designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls, it also helps in maintaining a clean and safe environment.  

High-quality entrance matting should work to ensure workplace safety in a number of ways, including: 


1. Elevating premises hygiene

Entrance matting helps to capture dirt and grime that would otherwise be tracked into the building. This helps to keep the interior of your business free from dirt and debris, making it safer for employees who are walking around. One further benefit is that proper use of entrance matting can help to reduce cleaning costs, as cleaning isn’t needed as often. 


2. Reducing cleaning costs 

Entrance matting systems can reduce cleaning and maintenance costs significantly. These systems prevent dirt and debris from entering the premises, which can considerably reduce the amount of cleaning required in and around your workplace. With regular maintenance and cleaning of the matting system itself, your carpets and floors will be unchallenged by dirt and debris, keeping cleaning and maintenance costs to a minimum. 


3. Reducing costs while improving slip resistance 

Entrance matting provides superior slip resistance compared to other forms of flooring materials. With its textured surface, entrance matting helps grip footwear more securely against the floor, reducing the likelihood of slips or falls occurring near doorways or other high-traffic areas. This can reduce the number of accidents that occur in the workplace, which helps to decrease costs and improve safety.  


Entrance matting can also mean reduced overhead costs for businesses looking to increase their workplace safety standards due to its durability. Able to withstand heavy foot traffic, and wear and tear from wheeled carts or pallet jacks with ease, it requires less maintenance and upkeep over time. 


4. Health and Safety

Entrance matting is a simple but highly effective way to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls. 

Professionally recommended and installed entrance matting will also work to help your business continue to meet health and safety regulations, protecting you from potential fines or other legal implications. Investing in entrance matting is an important step in keeping your workplace safe and it should not be overlooked.   


5. Legal compliance

 In the UK, employers are legally required to safeguard their employees against workplace hazards. In compliance with health and safety standards set by the UK government, entrance matting is classified as an essential safety feature in the workplace. Ensuring the presence of entrance matting not only helps protect your employees but also contributes to legal compliance. 


6. Improves indoor air quality

An entrance matting system is an important tool for improving indoor air quality. As people enter your business premises, they can bring in dirt, dust, and other harmful pollutants from the outside environment. This dirt accumulates on floors and carpets and can cause respiratory issues for employees. Entrance matting systems work to trap and contain these pollutants while users walk over them, preventing them from being tracked throughout your workplace. By preventing the circulation of these pollutants, entrance matting systems contribute to ensuring a healthier, cleaner working environment, free from potential hazards. 


Entrance matting for enhanced workplace safety 

So, entrance matting is a great way for businesses to improve workplace safety standards while cutting costs in the long term. With its slip-resistant, durability and grime-stopping properties, it’s easy to see why this type of flooring solution is so widely used, and how simple it can be to increase workplace safety at minimal cost or disturbance to the business. 

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