Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre - Eliminating Slips from shopping trips

The Entrance Matting Experts
25th Aug 2021

The challenge

Fremlin Walk in Kent annually attracts 6.3 million visitors. With people visiting to eat, drink and shop.

However, after weeks of prolonged bad weather, shoppers and employees were left frustrated by slippery floors, that the management at Fremlin Walk were keen to correct.

The solution

The product suggested by Syncros was Milliken Forma tiles which use craping filaments to remove foot borne debris, and moisture-retaining textile inserts to ensure that wetness isn’t carried onto surrounding walkways

These tiles can be cut to fit to the exact size of areas, without the expense of bespoke matting. And, should a tile become damaged, it can be easily replaced without having to remove the entire mat.

The available colours are specially chosen to conceal dirt. The tiles wash well and resist fading, meaning they are easy to maintain.

Eager to provide Fremlin Walk with a safer car park pedestrian entrance, the installation of new entrance matting was completed in just a few hours. Syncros’ fitting department was able to limit disruption, carrying out the installation after 11pm, which best suited the shopping centre.

The results

aine Rees, Fremlin Walk Marketing Manager, said: “The new matting has resulted in less maintenance and improved standards of cleanliness across the centre. The cleaners no longer need to frequently mop the lobby floor every time it rains, which has freed up resources to concentrate on other heavily used areas.

“We have received positive comments from both shoppers and retailers regarding the improved appearance of the lobby as the matting has helped to soften the area and feels much more welcoming than the previous concrete floor!”

Work with Syncros

Syncros have been supplying and installing entrance matting solutions since 1995.  With advice, supply, and installation available across the whole of the UK.