Lewisham Shopping Centre - Revamping entrance matting

The Entrance Matting Experts
24th Aug 2021

The Challenge

Lewisham Shopping Centre is a major shopping centre located in South East London. They contacted Syncros to enquire about four entrances, nine car park matwells and an exterior fitted mat.

Tony Rose, Lewisham Shopping Centre’s Operations Manager, said: “We had previously used Milliken Forma matting and knew that it performed well in entrance areas. With 175,000 visitors entering the complex weekly, we need to be able to keep floors clean at all times and free from any slip hazards such as dirt and moisture.

“However, trying to fit our Health and Safety obligations into tight budgets was proving a challenge, we sought out a supplier who could advise on  workable alternatives.”

The Solution

Following advice from Syncros, the shopping centre decided on the more cost effective, and equally serviceable, option of alternating the Milliken Forma with Prior matting tiles at the East Mall entrance.

This matting  combines moisture capture with dirt scraping properties and proved more affordable than completely refitting the whole area with Milliken Forma.

Taking into account budget constraints and peak trading hours, Syncros was able to work out an acceptable and affordable installation program occurring in three phases in March, June, and July.

Syncros applied the same Milliken Forma & Prior specification to nine car park mat wells. Although all Milliken products are hardwearing, in the rare instance that a small area of the matting may be damaged, single Milliken tiles can be easily replaced at minimal cost.

Work with Syncros

Syncros have been supplying and installing entrance matting solutions since 1995.  With advice, supply, and installation available across the whole of the UK.