Preventing slips, trips and falls: Matting as a safety essential in schools

The Entrance Matting Experts
08th Nov 2023

Schools are bustling places filled with energy and movement – which of course means a lot of foot traffic. Few of us will look back on our school lives and not remember at least once hearing a teacherly bellow of ‘No running in the corridor!’ Such is the universal hustle and bustle of school walkways.  

We often talk about keeping schools safe by thinking of things like fire drills and safety protocols. But when it comes to the day-to-day management of our children’s physical welfare, there's another hero in the school safety game – the humble entrance mat. It might not be the first thing on everyone’s safety list – but in this blog we’ll take a look at why it should be. 

Why are entrance mats such a big deal? 

At first glance, entrance mats might just seem like a piece of décor, or at best, a cursory nod to hallway cleanliness. But behind its brilliant simplicity, there’s a lot more to the humble mat. Here’s our top five list of reasons why good quality entrance matting is worth investing in for all schools: 


  1. Making good first impressions: We all know how much first impressions matter. A clean, well-maintained entrance gives parents, teachers and visitors a great start to their school visit. It says, “We care about our environment.” Not only that, but it also sets the tone for putting safety and hygiene at the top of a school’s priorities.


  1. Say no to slips: Imagine a rainy day and kids running around with wet shoes – a typical occurrence in most schools. That’s a slip hazard waiting to happen. In fact, few if any workspaces can avoid accounting for slip accidents in their risk assessments – particularly schools. A good entrance mat absorbs moisture and traps debris, reducing the chance of any slipping mishaps and mitigating the risk of injuries to children and adults.


  1. Banish trip hazards: A well-fitted mat can be the difference between a trip hero and a trip hazard. It should be properly secured to the floor and give good traction to avoid slips and trips. Investing in a high quality product – as supplied and fitted by Syncros – will ensure its durability. We also have options to remove individual sections that may become worn over time, helping to extend the life of your matting.


  1. Show off your school spirit: These mats aren't just functional, they can be fun too and help display your school’s personality from the get-go. Many schools now customize their entrance mats with their mascots or logos. It's a subtle way to show school pride and extend a warm welcome to visitors.


  1. Less cleaning, more saving: With the right mat catching most of the dirt and moisture, there’s less cleaning required inside. And less cleaning means saving both time and money – two things that are often in short supply where schools are concerned. We also know that matting is proven to trap contaminants, helping to reduce the spread of germs and make schools more hygienic.

The Syncros touch: making schools safer one mat at a time 

With over 27 years’ experience in supplying and fitting high quality matting to businesses large and small, Syncros is an ideal partner, offering a flexible approach that can be tailored to your space. We support a broad breadth of educational premises – from primary schools to sprawling universities – ensuring we fit the right mat for each client. 


Here's what makes their approach stand out: 


  • It's not one size fits all: Schools differ, and so do their needs. Whether it's a small entrance or a massive hallway, Syncros considers various factors like the size, shape, and even the amount of foot traffic, to suggest the right matting for each space. 


  • We think of the dirt (so you don't have to): It's not just about looking good. Syncros understands the types of debris and moisture our mats need to combat and offer solutions tailored for it. Our expert technicians will assess each need and provide guidance you can trust. 


  • Maintenance matters: Anyone who's dealt with a worn-out rug knows how costly and frustrating it can be to organise their replacement. Yet it is a task that must be done, for the sake of preserving health and safety. Syncros ensures that our mats are durable, and we guide schools on how to maintain them, to achieve the maximum longevity and performance. 


In conclusion: It's not just a surface issue 

So there we have it. The next time you walk into a school, take a moment to look down. That mat you just stepped on is doing more work than you might realize. It’s ensuring that every child, teacher, or visitor walking in is significantly safer from potential slips, trips and falls. What’s more, it's silently contributing to the school’s atmosphere and ensuring a warm welcome for all who cross the threshold.  

Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team of experts at Syncros to discuss options and get a free quote.