Where Would You Have Industrial Mats In Your Business?

The Entrance Matting Experts
17th Jan 2023

You may well associate a floor mat with just something you need at the entrance to your business, allowing people to wipe their feet on arrival.  

Entrance mats are of course one of the key industrial mats you can get but they are only part of a suite of floor mats that can all play an essential role for businesses. There are a range of mats to suit every requirement and every budget across a variety of workplaces. 

Let’s explore further and look at some examples of where you can install industrial mats in your workplace: 


We’ll start with the humble entrance mat which has a whole host of benefits. An entrance mat removes around 80% of dirt, mud and rainwater from footwear, trapping it before it can enter your workplace. Entrance mats are highly effective at keeping floors cleaner and more hygienic, which not only looks better but reduces the need to constantly clean entranceways and protects your flooring from wear and tear too. Entrance mats also help to create a positive first impression and, from a health and safety point of view, reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls which are common workplace accidents.  

Outside your building  

Utilising mats outside your entranceways can prevent dirt being walked into your building at all. These heavy-duty, robust mats scrape dirt off shoes as people walk across them. Effective mats for outdoor use include scrapper mats, brush mats and dirt trapper mats. You can also choose a bespoke mat featuring your logo, brand colours or a message which can create a good first impression, help to welcome staff, customers and visitors into your building and even attract them into your business in the first place.  


Anti-fatigue matting for workstations can make the job more comfortable for staff who are on their feet for long periods of time. Placed on hard floors, these industrial mats are cushioned with ergonomic properties to protect staff by encouraging foot movement, simulating blood circulation and changes in posture which helps to combat lower back and leg pain. They also insulate workers from cold floors, absorb noise in the workplace, help to reduce physical fatigue and provide an easy-to-clean, hygienic floor space. As well as workstations, they can be used in receptions, production areas, kitchens, security areas and retail outlets.  

Under chairs 

Protect flooring from chair scraping and roller wheels with a floor protection mat. These prevent hard floors from being scratched while preserving the life of carpets. The choice available from Syncros includes durable polycarbonate mats as well as rubber chair mats with different sizes, colours and shapes available.  

Over loose cables 

Loose wires and cables can be a major workplace hazard, resulting in injury from trips and falls. Syncros’ Kable Matting can help mitigate against this as it is designed specifically for these problem areas. With a bright, eye-catching border, this high-visibility mat highlights floor level hazards while a containment recess within the mat holds loose wires and cables in place. You can also add a custom warning to the mat to provide an additional safety message.   

Areas likely to become dirty or contaminated 

Disposable Tak Mats from Syncros have an adhesive coated surface which captures dust, dirt and debris such as when a person walks across it or where contaminants are being produced. Also known as sticky mats, tacky mats or cleanroom mats, these sheets can be placed in locations where contamination can occur to protect against dirt and bacteria, for example in workrooms, along production lines, in specialist labs or in any other area you need to keep clean. 


The flooring around sinks and hand dryers inevitably gets wet as people wash and dry their hands. However, a tactically placed hand dryer mat will absorb water, helping to keep washroom floors drier and cleaner, as well as reducing the risk of slippages.  

Workplace Kitchens 

As people use kitchen facilities whether to make a hot drink, wash up or to refill a water bottle, water will often drip or become spilled on to the floor. Matting around sinks and dishwashers can be used to absorb water while coffee vend mats and water cooler mats are designed to fit snugly around dispensers to keep floors safe and dry and to protect flooring from getting dirty and stained. 

Wet areas 

Wet area matting is a must for any leisure facility which may get wet and therefore slippery. This includes swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gyms and spas. This specialist matting helps to prevent slips by increasing grip and absorbing excess liquid to keep the surface drier, while cushioning allows it to remain comfortable for bare feet. The 3M Safety Walk Wet Area Matting from Syncros also benefits from being resistant to chlorine, oils and fungus.  

Where you need to convey a message 

If you need to inform people of an important message, what better way than to do it than with a message mat which will be crossed over every time they walk through your workplace? Message mats can be used to welcome staff and customers, flag hazards, reinforce safety, set out social distancing parameters, offer reminders or simply as directional pointers to help people navigate to their destination.  

High footfall areas 

Barrier matting along high footfall areas can play multiple roles. It attracts dirt away from people’s footwear to keep the workplace cleaner, captures moisture to keep areas safer and helps to absorb noise whether it’s the sound of constant footsteps, airborne sounds or vibrations from industrial equipment. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality industrial mat, speak to the matting experts at Syncros today. With nearly 30 years’ experience, our skilled team can advise on the right mats for your requirements and demonstrate how you can reap the immediate benefits from industrial matting in your workplace.